Hydraque Boost Serum Blog Reviews

"The best thing about this serum is that you can actually feel an immediate effect from before and after you apply the serum."
- Candace (read more)
"Memang highly recommended bagi mereka yang mempunyai masalah kulit kering sebab ia dapat melembapkan kulit wajah kita.."
- Lyana (read more)
"After a week of usage I find that my skin is much smoother and my wounds [from picking on acne] seem to heal faster than before."
- Gaylen (read more)
"Teksturnye yang mudah menyerap membuatkan aku selesa menggunakan serum ini tanpa perlu aku gelisah dengan rasa melekitnya kerana serum ini tidak meninggalkan kesan melekit.. Itu yang aku suka!!"
- Lea (read more)
"I really enjoyed the plumped and bouncy, without feeling sticky or greasy after using it. Its deep hydrating effect is promising, so I come back for this product every night."
- Hyeon (read more)
"I like that it penetrates quickly into skin and moisturizes my skin without being too heavy."
- Amandalyn (read more)
"I like how it manages to revitalise, hydrate and revive dull looking skin..."
- Asther (read more)